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Your Khmer-English Translation Partner

KaunKhmer is a trusted, professional translation team staffed in Phnom Penh and Toronto. We are fast, accurate and reliable and specialize in colloquial and technical translation.


  • Human Translation Only
  • Fast and Cost Effective
  • 100% Guarentee

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Translation services is the core of what we do. Access our team of professional native Khmer and English translators.


Let your videos speak the local language. KaunKhmer offers professional Subtitling solutions for your needs.


Don’t loose the meaning in your work related conversations. Let KaunKhmer document your meetings, presentations and phone calls.


Mistakes Happen. KaunKhmer will check and double-check your text to make sure that your image stays error free.

Desktop Publishing

Let our experts review and perfect your digital documents.

Khmer Language Lessons

KhmerKhmer has helped thousands of expats speak like a local. Inquire today about a customized language program.

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About Us

Improving your life through language learning, for some, language is a barrier.  For us, language is an opportunity.  Kaun Khmer is the bridge to help you succeed in your language goals.

Our Misson

Kaun Khmer offers a diverse selection of quality language services to meet the needs of our diverse clientele.  Our goal is to meet your language needs in a timely and professional manner and to ensure our customer’s complete satisfaction.

To our Cambodian customers – we hold a deep commitment to making second language learning accessible.